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Textura Corporation Solutions


Qualification Management

Textura Pre-Qualification Management

Textura®—Pre-Qualification Management (Textura—PQM), a Textura Corporation solution, is an online, collaborative technology that brings project participants together in one user-friendly environment for the benefit of all. PQM's online data management system speeds the pre-qualification process by allowing subcontractors to enter their information one-time into a database which can then produce tailored pre-qualification forms that provide specific information required by individual general contractors.

Textura—PQM automates the entire pre-qualification process for everyone by facilitating the electronic submission, review, approval and updating of all pre-qualification documents. General contractors appreciate the increased efficiency and risk mitigation PQM provides, while subcontractors see the benefits of marketing and increased visibility. PQM also improves process control, an important feature to owners.

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